personal haiku are marked with an asterisk*. haiku about other people or scenarios, real or fictional, are not marked. haikus are intended to be updated daily, but hey, life happens.

september 2019

[9.15.19] yearning for your love / doing things i'd never do / to make you notice*

july 2019

[7.1.19] insecurity / clings like an ill-fitting suit / awkward on your frame*
[7.2.19] what is wrong with you? / are you mean or just stupid? / where did your love go?*
[7.3.19] i never thought that / i would find family here / in a chat server*
[7.4.19] oh my god, oh shit / holy fuck dude, what even / what the fuck?? what the

june 2019

[6.1.19] overinvested / in stuff that doesn't matter / distracting myself*
[6.2.19] another new med / who am i if not the sum / of all my symptoms?*
[6.3.19] i'm willing to have / some marginal discomfort / for sweet qdoba*
[6.12.19] they put you under / placid and willing to serve / you have to wake up
[6.15.19] i will lay my hope / in the garden of your heart / and pray it grows kind
[6.16.19] i want to tell you / how much your content helps / i'll donate instead*
[6.17.19] thirty-two ounce cans / saved tickets and signed posters / your home misses you*

may 2019

[5.23.19] my dad had a stroke / it's been hard to recover / but i have hope now*
[5.24.19] how to navigate / your misdirected anger? / please give me a map*
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